Chalk and Cheese and Square One

Yesterday we had 40kmh winds gusting to 80. This makes quite a racket on the volets {shutters}. It happened all through the night on Thursday into Friday. This morning silence and dead calm. Chalk and Cheese. I cleaned up the leaves on Thursday. Now I am back to square one as it were. There are loads of them and we have had an extensive pine needle drop. For whatever reason this year we have had a truly bumper crop of acorns, walnuts and apples. Normally the red squirrel can be seen at this time of year. He seems to have gone AWOL.

David Bowie has disappeared and on Thursday evening Felix was being weird, a scaredy cat. He would not eat. So, at dusk I sat on the patio about 15m from him and he tucked in. It is not the first time I have cat sat. When the wife first moved in, she bought her aged cat. I would take it out for walks at night.

The Conservative party “leadership” contest is back to square one as well. All that internecine petty squabbling reminded me of the atmosphere at my former employer. People jostled for position, for lab space and to get out of any work which might help the department so as to advance their own research career.

The mistakes made in Westminster were large. Things were not thought through. I am not a politician, nor an economist, nor an accountant, and I could see the flaws. Surely any qualified accountant knows when the sums do not add up. Surely?

The problem is when too many people of a like mind gather together, they can make decisions which they never would on their own as an individual. Herd mind and heaps of confirmation bias can lead to lunacy. When there are no dissenting voices people can make very poor decisions especially with their pals supporting them. I have just seem a nice piece of TV from Ros Atkins going over the October madness. Will there be more before Hallowe’en? I shall watch out for the programme next week.

I don’t like petty squabbling…it is petty and poorly evolved.

OK… time to get the leaf blower out again…

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