Are you a Bit one Dimensional?

Many people focus their attention on a fairly small part of the perceptual hyper-surface, a local potential energy minimum if you like. As a consequence, they can get stuck or trapped in the box of their own thinking. They can find it hard to think outside the box.

Only certain beliefs are allowed or accepted by their minds. Inconvenient truths do not commute.

Some do not have the potential or ability to imagine ideas outside of their comfort zone and religious, political or scientific dogma.

There is a danger that the UK is lurching towards party gate groundhog. This will be a shame. I suspect that the UK government is trapped deep in a trap of its own making. It cannot choose between the devil or the deep blue sea.

I have a cunning plan. I know, let us dream up a catchy three word slogan where each letter of the slogan starts with the same hypnotic letter. 

Bring Back Boris…that mantra should hypnotise…

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