Almost Afraid to Listen to the News

“I wonder what new crisis will have happened in London” was the sentiment we shared this morning. This whole conservative party charade is getting to be almost as boring as Brexit. One of the main reasons for moving to France was to get away from the interminable Brexit coverage in UK media.

How can a country be so self-obsessed?

I think we may be getting first sight of how the old ways are crumbling and a country by shooting itself in the foot repeatedly is losing its place in the order of things. The UK is now a weak link in NATO.

Death of the Old, will not be pretty. We have already seen people clinging on to the bitter end. With Joe Biden showing more signs of forgetfulness and the conservative party ungovernable in London, things don’t look too great. I for one, cannot understand how they think that a new blue on blue election is going to solve anything. There is a lot of wishful thinking and not much realism.

In one sense the industrial revolution began in the UK, so perhaps it is fitting that it starts to end there too. There is not much manufacturing in any case. Here I get a sense of logistics and goods and produce on the move. In a rhythmic sense France is better organised. Britain is chaotic…

The New Age if it is to lead towards Soular infusion will be radically different from the current selfish one. It cannot be about Me and Me and Mine. How we get from A to B remains to be seen. There will have to be loss and much unsightly clinging.

I am almost afraid to open an online newspaper.

How many more Groundhog Day blue on blue elections will there be before all the Christmas bollocks appears on the TV?

Time to go and vacuum clean upstairs…

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