David Bowie and The Unthinkable

When we got back from the waste tip David Bowie, the stray cat, was on the drive outside, near the yew hedge. As I moved the car forward slowly, he moved quickly along the hedge until he found the hole. From the way he used the hole, he has been through it many times. He is pretty young, and his coat is fancy grey. The wife has suggested that he might have been abandoned because his strange eyes are not perfection. He was here yesterday evening too. This suggests that he will be around for a while. How he and Felix get on remains to be seen. By sight I estimate Felix has twice his mass.

Today up in the pharmacy, princess the Siamese cat, came and rubbed on my leg. Whenever I go in there, she observes me very closely. David is our sixth stray cat visitor. The pharmacist said that cats seem to like it at our house.

For whatever reason cats like me. Is this due to the witch’s blood in my bloodline? Maybe, in the past on such little evidence people were accused. There was a lot at stake, so to speak.

Now Russia has started bombing Ukraine energy infrastructure and it looks as though the damage to the Nord Stream pipelines is severe and highly intentional. These things were unthinkable this time last year. Putin’s blitzkrieg to take over a functioning country failed; he may be heading for scorched earth now, making Ukraine a kind of DMZ between Russia and NATO. What has just transpired in UK politics was also unthinkable last autumn. I once saw Jeremy Hunt outside Waitrose in Farnham, I used to have coffee in Starbucks there on occasion.

So, the question is what is coming next on the unthinkable theme?

In Australia reservoirs practically empty are now at 100% in one place.

Is this a sign of high amplitude oscillation in climate due to global warming? Possibly.

It is ~20˚C in mid-October…

There is circumstantial evidence that I am a reincarnated Buddhist monk/priest {twice} and also that I had a life as a Christian monk/priest/warrior. I guess for all those that knew me 15-25 years ago that is an unthinkable thing. Alan the piss artist a Buddhist? Nah… pull the other one it has bells on it.

The thing is that things which are unthinkable can be true even though we are unwilling to think so. I think…

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