Are the USA and the UK Expressing Their Soular Ray?

These two share the Egoic or Soular Ray of Love-Wisdom. USA has a sixth ray Idealism and Devotion “personality”, whereas the UK has Will to Power. Some in the USA spout dead letter creationism and ban abortion as a sin, whilst gun massacre is just dandy. We are in the act of egocentric {me, me and me} politicising in the “trustworthy” Tory party. “Trust in me…”

It is so ironic, the surname.

Neither of these countries has been invaded for a long time. The USA has only experienced minor bombings on its soil, Pearl Harbour and 9/11. Britain did get bombed very heavily in World War “two” though no where near as bad as Germany or Japan.

Here is an image of Stalingrad, the battle of Stalingrad was arguably the turning point of the war.

Russia has experienced terrible and prolonged brutality both from the Nazis and its own leaders. The well fed Westerner with a mortgage and a comfy job, cannot understand this difference in orientation. Most of the countries in Europe were occupied by Axis or USSR or both. It is in their psyche as a scar.

We are not close to winter yet. As I have said before winter has been the best ally of Russia in times of dire need. We do not know what Xi and Vlad have agreed.

In the UK the “wise” government is more interested in internecine petty politics, a form of one-up-man-ship about who is going to get the top job. They are squabbling amongst themselves. “Let them eat cake…” There is no love, and very little wisdom. There is jostling for position. People are getting pissed off with this bunch of “entitled” buffoons, the self-diagnosed and condescending omniscient. Strikes are coming…

In the states government is moribund because of allegiance. “I cannot agree with you if you are not of the same party as me.” The coast is at odds with the centre. People are legalising cannabis and buying automatic weapons. We have ultra-high technology and Abrahamic dispensation religion. There is “Me Too” and fanny grabbing Presidents. There are Black Lives Matter and cop shooters. It won’t take much for things to ignite again. There is polarisation and no intelligence, certainly no cooperation.

No! Both countries are expressing personality and indeed the negative aspects of it…

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