French Infographics Are Ace!

This morning on a French newspaper “Le Télégramme” I was able to check if there was a shortage of SP95-E10 at our local supermarket and otherwise look at availability in our area. We are very rural and yet with a few moves of a mouse and couple of clicks, I had my answer. No problems.

We have been able to see how many people in our commune of ~1800 souls currently have covid.

The presentation of graphical data about all sorts of things is excellent here. We can even find out exactly how much electricity is being used on the grid. One of the best things is that there is no condescending commentary. They just say here is the data. Make up your own mind. The data is presented with clarity and without drama.

At the petrol station there is a prefectural edict forbidding the filling of jerry cans for now. So, nobody can stockpile. Commercial users {farmers mostly here} are allowed. It is like chalk and cheese, France and the UK.

I found a nifty piece of French software. You input your geo-location and it calculates the angles of aim for the satellite dish. On the second go and with the help of a compass, I found the signal in seconds. A couple of tweaks and a bit of peeking up. Bingo! The satellite dish for Freesat was installed.

Behind me on a DVD are every single slice from the wife’s PET and CT scans. They gave me a copy of 3 gigabytes of expensive data and a self-installing viewer and data manipulator.

Back in the UK your data is treated as “semi-secret”. A long time ago I had an MRI scan. In a consultation the consultant left the room. He was not entirely pleased to see me scanning through my images when he returned…

French infographics are ace…

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