Divisiveness – Fire by Fission

We have seen the effect of divisive rhetoric play out recently in the US of A. It released anger, fire and discontent. By polarising people this spread out onto the streets and into Capitol Hill. These artefacts are amplified by the outgoing 6th ray of idealism and devotion. This ray casts scales over the eyes and sets camps of people into us and them. We are right they are wrong and must be beaten and destroyed. This polarising behaviour can be seen at work all over the globe.

In the mid-forties the first nuclear weapons were used in anger. They all have some element of nuclear fission in the design. One single fission event can set off a chain event and if a critical amount of mass with sufficient density is present a nuclear explosion results. Separation and division cause fission, which causes more separation and division. It is a chain reaction. This happens in society as well as bombs.

Separative behaviour and rhetoric causes the effect of “fire” by fission. All the hard work to build the United Nations is at risk be-cause of separative thinking. We saw this thinking with the charity begins at home vaccine drives. Global vaccination was mooted but not prioritised. The UK cleaved itself off from Europe and in so doing split itself into leavers and re-moaners. The divisions in the UK remain despite leaving. Boris bribed the North with “levelling up”, but no such thing has happened. If you think about it a little it is condescending Eton mess mentality.

There are fault lines all over the world. We may indeed unleash fire by fission, societally and from nuclear fission. Metaphorically also the nucleus of a country can be rent asunder by separative behaviours into us and them, the haves and have nots. The world is a dangerously polarised place just now.

Just one match, one more straw on the camel’s back and boom…there is a lot of uncertainty.

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