Well Water Test…Chemistry Fun

Getting ready…
Sample collected from well has a very good clarity with a faint smell of the earth. No chemical or animal smells.
Testing the intruments with demineralised water – 0 μS/cm! We are good to go.
The well water is very very mildly acidic, below pH 7, as I expected…

Testing the well water for Escherichia coli. Need to wait 48 hours for the result.

Tap water is slightly hard..it is not bad around here.
Tap water on the left well water on the right. They look close. Tap water has more nitrite.

Carrefour Demineralised Water

Conductivity 0 μS/cm

pH 7.2

Temperature 20.8 ˚C


Well Water

Conductivity 305 μS/cm

pH 6.37

Temperature 18.8 ˚C

TDS 157 ppm

E. coli sampled 14:00 on 15/10/22 needs to incubate for 48hours


San Pellegrino Carbonated Mineral Water

Conductivity 1054 μS/cm

pH 5.28

Temperature 15.2 ˚C {not long out of the fridge}

The pH vale is close to the one I have seen reported for this carbonated beverage.


Tap Water

Conductivity 400 μS/cm

pH 7.6

Temperature 20.4 ˚C

Conclusion : subject to the E.Coli test we have a well with drinkable water…

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