Is The World Having a Nervous Breakdown?

Over the last few years many things have happened that would once have been unthinkable.

I remember the night when the Berlin wall came down in November 1989. I was with a friend in Laredo, Texas. I called to him in the shower that the wall was falling on TV. He thought I was taking the piss. Then he saw the images too. We went across the border to Nuevo Laredo and got drunk on cheaper Mexican beer. When we crossed back, we showed our British passports.

We were full of hope and there has been relative tranquillity in Europe, not anymore.

The shenanigans in British politics these last few weeks and months have been off the scale bat-shit crazy. All that denial and fantasy economics. Putin’s blitzkrieg failed, and a terrible stalemate awaits the arrival of winter. The powerful west has both its bollocks in the fist of the oil and gas producers. The “irrevocable” opening up of anti-covid measures looks a bit iffy.

Why do politicians think that they have to tell people only what they want to hear? Do they think we are stupid?

I wonder if Elizabeth the second had not died, would the run on the pound and government guilts have been less severe. There was always a sense of a nice sensible “nanna” keeping an eye on the naughty boys and girls in Westminster.

The fact that I have looked at Geiger counters, water purification tablets and potassium iodide {KI} suggests that I am more concerned about nuclear war than I used to be. I have priced generators and am fairly confident that we have an underground source of drinkable water. The major military targets in Brittany are all naval and on the coast in the West. We are not close to a nuclear reactor or a centre of high population density. I am starting to plan, at least superficially. There are reports of KI demand in the UK rising.

I am keeping informed about the petrol situation.

The wife has had a high radiation dose of X-rays and Gamma-rays.  

There are a lot of people who are going to have very tough time this winter.

Once the seed of division was sowed with Brexit it has taken hold and flourished in the Conservative party. The seed of division sowed by Trump has metastasised all over the world. There are “neo-fascists” in power in Italy and the far right gains popularity here. Russians are being called up and sent West to fight.

The world is getting crazier…it needs some therapy… a lot…

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