I briefly watched primer minister’s question time the other day and the new incumbent failed to answer the questions posed to her by the leader of the opposition. I felt a slight sense of shame that British people could behave so stupidly. The voice grates. I wonder if this is the economic policy. I had to switch over. I could not listen.

Viewed from over here there seems to be, in some quarters, an inane complacency. I suspect in the average household that is replaced by fear and perhaps dread. Saying something over and over does not make it true. That knob Rees-Mogg is downplaying forecasts and accusing the IMF of having a pop at blighty. What planet are these people on?

Boris did not take things seriously and that continues. Tory unicorn land…arrogance…

Here the strike has made diesel scarce and petrol not quite so available. In the local newspaper there is an online tracker where you can see which petrol stations have stock. One can buy a 4kW petrol fuelled generator which I could wire into the central heating system to drive the water pump.  They are about one thousand euros, and they are in stock at our local farm shop. If I can wire in a 30 amp multiple kilowatt Argon ion laser power supply, I should be able to do this. I may buy a few more jerry cans and start to stockpile some petrol up in the central shed.

At the moment we have the heating on in the morning and at lunchtime. In the evenings we use the 6-9kW log burner. Later I’ll start cutting trees to replenish the supply for next year. Today is the first day when a t-shirt is not enough outdoors.

It seems the stakes are being upped in the Ukraine. The weapons stockpiles in the West are getting depleted. “Now is the winter of our discontent.” Protests, war, covid and no energy. Luckily our heating runs of propane and not methane and we are on a two year fixed price contract.

It looks to be going more badly wrong and chaotic than people currently believe. Brexit has not helped the UK as it was vaunted to do. I am getting an uncomfortable feeling that people are underestimating the difficulties which lie ahead.

I wonder will people wake up and smell the coffee or carry on being adamant and insistent.

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