We are at ~13% Incarnation

One of the facile arguments against reincarnation is that the number of humans incarnate now is higher than the number of people alive, say at zero A.D. People do not consider the integral between the limits of alpha and omega, with respect to time, delta T. They imagine some sequential bar chart, perhaps.

In the previous post the Tibetan suggests that there are 60 billion human monads. Never have these all been carnate at the same time. On this basis we are at the maximum percentage incarnation rate in our epoch {so far} of ~13%. Should the world swell to 60 billion all in meat at the same time it would be bad news for the planet!! They are already way too many of us locusts here on this blue planet of ours.

In so far as I can tell “my” monad is first ray. Which means when I call a spade a spade, I piss people off. It is not woke to use language like spade or shovel. People who are pissed off seek revenge, especially those with a fragile yet somehow massive ego, with a small e.

Most people are centred in their personality vehicle and are not infused by their soul. It is all about the separative ME, not us, nor Gaia. Very few have any monadic inflow into the matter of their meat, the wet dark grey matter which they worship as the temple of wisdom, a.k.a. brain.

It is possible we are due a massive dis-incarnation event(s).


What would the world be like with ~60 billion humans incarnate?

Would that nightmare satisfy the nit-picking accountant mentality?

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