How Many Human Monads?


The “Kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent take it by force,” or by Will or power. It is not Will, as we shall know it in the final system but it is Will as known in this system, and it has to be utilized to the uttermost by the evolving Monad in his struggle to control each atomic subplane. The Monads of power have a much greater struggle, and hence the fact so often apparent that people on what we term the power Ray, have so often a hard time, and are so frequently unlovable. They have to build in on all the six planes the love aspect, which is not prominent in their development.

A hint has been given us as to the approximate figures governing the Monads:

  • 35 Thousand million Monads of love,
  • 20 Thousand million Monads of activity,
  • 5 Thousand million Monads of power,

making a total of sixty thousand million human Monads. The Monads of power, though in manifestation, are as yet very rare in incarnation. They came in, in large numbers, at the close of the moon chain, and will come in again in full numerical strength in the last two rounds of the present chain.


Excerpted from “A Treatise on Cosmic Fire – Section Two – Division D – Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals” by Alice Bailey and Djwhal Kuhl

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