Shortages, Piles and Prince William…

Piles is the French word for small batteries. I guess I am not so mature after all. I have just ordered some for the Ikea electric tea lights. They were very useful around the house when we moved bedrooms. We are doing a candle audit too and have just bought a LED handheld torch.

Up at the supermarket there was no diesel. The crisp aisle is very depleted but there is sunflower oil now. The kiddy confectionary aisle is depleted, no Twix or Snickers. Maybe we need to check on the flour situation. I will seek out a bacterial testing kit for our well. I have not seen the famers spraying chemicals but there has been the countryside smell of muckspreading. There is no ore or industry so the heavy metal levels will be low. We can probably tolerate some low level poisons for a while.

Living in Zambia as a child we were used to shortages and blackouts. My parents had a “murderer’s” chest freezer in which they stored various cuts of meat prepared with an axe and a pruning saw on the draining board. Because the Chinese built the railways there were a lot of Chinese goods in town including truly ace firecrackers and near explosive level 8 inch bangers. I also sampled rice wine. From time to time the word would go out that the brewers were running out of bottles. People would collect up all the bottles and take them to the glass factory at Kapiri Mposhi. They would make bottles to resupply Mosi {named after Mosi-oa-Tunya, Victoria Falls} and Castle…

This morning for no apparent reason I had a dream in which I was talking privately with Prince William. We were in some kind of a drawing room. The conversation flowed and he seemed animated and interested. He was much more relaxed than when he is in public view. Later on, his wife came in and they left together.

Odd, to put it mildly…

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