Speculations on the 7th ray and France

In terms of esoteric psychology there are two lines, pertaining to the rays, tint or colouration. These are 2-4-6 and 1-3-5-7. France being a 3 personality and a 5 soul is on the latter. I may be imagining it, but I may be seeing ceremonial order, {organisation and planning}, being manifested here.

I have often felt that 7 is about rhythm, about cycles, about synchronicity with the seasons, and appropriate ritual. 7 is the incoming ray. 6 is the outgoing ray of idealism and division.

Please, 6, can you go out of manifestation faster…

It is subtle. There is less bullshit and spin here. The organisation is more collective and not dictatorial power politics based. It is less about pissing up urinal walls, how high. There is less “look at me” on one level.

I’ll speculate that the 7th ray will find easier purchase here because it is on the 1-3-5-7 line. There are three of these in my personal “rainbow”.

Yeah, that feels right, an acceptance and a welcoming of incoming 7th ray synthetic energy could happen here…and without drama…

Maybe that is why I moved…

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