Fantasy Island – Juxtaposition.

Compare and Contrast…

« Le gouvernement a présenté, ce jeudi, son plan de sobriété énergétique pour éviter les pénuries de gaz ou d’électricité et réduire l’empreinte carbone du pays. Voici les principales mesures.


Dans les bureaux, la température maximale devra être de 19 °C, abaissée à 16 °C dans les lieux de stockage ou la nuit, et à 8 °C lorsque le bâtiment est fermé plus de 48 heures (sauf dans les crèches ou établissements de santé). Dans les gymnases, elle sera abaissée de deux degrés, à 14 degrés. Dans les logements, les habitants sont incités à acheter des thermostats programmables, avec une aide allant jusqu’à 65 euros. Une campagne de communication « chaque geste compte » déclinant cinq gestes clés est lancée dans les médias jusqu’en février 2023. Les ballons d’eau chaude devraient être réglés à 55 degrés. Les dates de chauffe des immeubles pourront être raccourcies de 15 jours, selon la météo. »


“Energy news – live: Britain to face three-hour blackouts if gas imports stall

Prime minister rules out energy-saving information campaign

British households face rolling blackouts if gas imports fall short of demand this winter, National Grid has warned.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has created “unprecedented turmoil and volatility” in energy markets, the company said on Thursday, adding that there could be pre-planned power cuts across the country in three-hour slots to give priority to power plants.

Britain leans heavily on gas for power stations and on electricity imported from continental Europe, which is facing an energy crisis as Putin’s war disrupts supplies.

Prime minister Liz Truss has ruled out launching an energy-saving public information campaign, despite blackout warnings.

She has previously said she would not be telling people to ration their energy use this winter and during the Conservative Party leadership contest, Ms Truss also said there would be no energy rationing.

Meanwhile, people are being encouraged to sign up with their electricity supplier to a scheme which will give them money back on their bills to shift their use of power away from times of high demand to help prevent blackouts.”


For a person, a prime minister, who said that they do not mind being unpopular, there seems to be some reticence about being real. “Don’t worry I have your back.” What for, the next stiletto? The next groovy and divisive slogan for our wonderful union…? Levelling up, build back better, get Brexit done, the anti-growth consortium…Foxtrot Foxtrot Sierra

From over here its seems that the ability to organise a piss up in a brewery is somewhat lacking. The last minute slap dash, write in on the back of a fag packet, make shit up, government looks mightily disorganised and lacks any planning. It was not real about covid, it is now complacent about energy.

I don’t know if my dream refers to the UK in general or not. It could…

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