A Quantum Miscellany

Drop by drop the faucet fills

the stainless empty pail

counting all the seconds with

an attosecond accuracy

Tearing all the electrons out

to leave behind an empty shell

charged high at the core

feeding the plasma in his veins

Each bag of livingness

calls him on his cell

a mitochondrial mouth

ever hungry in the nest

The flickering dipole

drives the van through Walls

binding tight and light

through long potentials all

Dense as a static cloud

he catches moments

in the field of magnets

conducting superlatives at tea

And the see moss circuits

tick and whirr to abacus

the particles in a beam

where cars collide at G,e,V

Each sparkle packet

is superimposed on fate

and collapses fungible

upon a special string of dates

The men brains over his eyes

see back before absurd

when was even time

and the Word was ever heard

Before in principio erat

when the silence stirred

and the gravitas

became so very bang intense

Things were more simple then

with no need for learning Zen

then came things Q.E.D.

making puzzles, for you and me

And now worlds move as fast as C

in houses that are made of planks

these days there are no constant sights

when all lead lives that are, so tight

Life lived in simulations fine

made real in Monte Carlo time

where all drive Vectras to and fro

uncertain where their life will go

Ab initio is still the start

equating exact, each manmade part

I wonder when it was

that humans lost their, open heart?

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