Researching Past Lives – The Unverifiable

Lower concrete mind, scientifically trained, is unwilling to believe in many things when there is no physical plane and therefore tangible proof. Yet one of its major tenets relies on probability and statistics. Various texts suggest that for a being of some evolution it is possible to store memories of previous incarnations in the causal vehicle and have some brain access to them in a subsequent body. By certain acts the memories might be restored.

I stopped looking at undergraduate grade {and beyond} science at the end of 2006. But I was able to restore my understanding about 8 years later. It took more effort than I had expected, and I no longer took the “proofs” as gospel. In fact, I found some of the extrapolations and leaps and bounds, a bit dodgy with some legerdemain. Yet that is what gets taught. From my own perspective and within a single life, knowledge lost can be restored by revisiting texts and exercises.

It was suggested to me “telepathically” that my five previous lives were Persian, as a close disciple of Siddhartha, later some form of Buddhist monk, a French warrior/priest/occultist, and an 18th century “dandy”.

My dreams have suggested a named person for the 2500 year ago life, Bakula. This character was a scholar and came to the way, late in life. So that kind of fits.

This suggests that the Persian life was way back maybe 3000 years or more ago. I have little or no recall of this but when I read of Ahura Mazda something went ping. There are few documents for me to read.

If I was a close disciple of Siddhartha, I would have received both exoteric and esoteric Buddhism according to Kūkai.

I have always has a Japan thing, so my best guess is that I did not incarnate as a Nirmanakaya for over a thousand years. When I did this, it was Japanese. I like ritual so although drawn to zen, it was probably Vajrayana. Though I do have a very strong bodhisattva resonance for Śāntideva. Going to a Tibetan Dzong and getting empowerments released the latent Vajrayana in me. Perhaps.

The most vivid memories are from my “crusader” life. I was brutally executed by the Arabs. In this life I worked on Christian kabala and the reason I went to Palestine was to work with Jewish kabbalists. I was according to my déjà vu, often in Malta, with the knights of a rosy cross which I often wore over my chainmail.

The dandy lifetime was Sicilian. I knew beyond doubt that when I went to Erice, I had been there before. Home. Triskelion and Sicilia. In this life I worked with St. Germain. It was chemistry and alchemy.

And now I am back in France with the triskelion of Bretagne having dreams about vajra…

Maybe I should lay off the foraged mushroom omelettes….

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