Double Vajra Dream 16-12-20

Here is last night’s dreaming segment. (Written on 17-12-20)

I am in a room with others, we are being threatened by a group of people with dogs on leashes. The dogs are straining to attack. They are like pit bulls. The owners are having trouble holding them back. I am quite relaxed. One of the pit bulls has inordinately long fangs and is angrily taking an interest in me. I offer it my right arm. It bites down hard and strong and will not let go. I am not worried about this. The owner of the dog tries to get it to let go. It will not. I place my left hand around the side of its jaws and squeeze. The dog opens its jaws and backs off happy.

I look down and it has left a mark reminiscent of a double vajra in oranges and red. There is no blood simply what looks like a tattoo on the inside of my forearm. I show everyone in the room my new tattoo.

Later I am working at the checkout in a supermarket and I show each of the customers my new tattoo about which I am slightly excited.

Dream ends

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