There are many who think they can wing it and talk their way out of every situation. Boris the BS merchant eventually came to a point when he no longer could. There are instances of a “thousand” cuts where people just get fed up. People can tolerate for a long while and then the straw that broke the camel’s back comes along. If the UK news is to be believed Mary O’Leary {Truss} has decided to withdraw the genius plan to remove higher rate income tax and try to pin the blame on Kwarteng. The genie is already out of the bottle and cannot be put back in. An act has happened, and the UK has lost yet more credibility in foreign eyes. {They do not understand this from an insular view.} There will be ongoing consequences. There is still envisaged massive borrowing.

Borrowing money to take a punt is the kind of thing that gets one referred to GambleAware®.

This notion of irrevocability does not seem to trouble people up front and so, many have to learn though mistake. It is like that temptation to tell a lie. Once the lie is out you cannot take it back. You either have to prop up the lie or come clean and admit that you are a liar. Either way you have done something irrevocable. It may not turn out to be a major thing, but it cannot be undone. It might snowball it to a situation which is very difficult. Watching uncle Boris squirm a little, his mouth which sometimes saved his bacon often got him into trouble.

If you have been shabby to someone, you can’t take it back. Depending on whether you have a conscience or not, that shabbiness may haunt you all your life. It is a major theme in the “Seed and the Sower” by Laurens van der Post. To curry favour and gain popularity people can be and are shabby to others, even those they “befriend”. Sowing the shabby seed can bring a strange harvest.

If for example you only know one exorcist and you are shabby to them. Later when you might be in need of an exorcism, he or she may not be compliant and cooperative with your request. People can be shabby to others that they later need. That assistance is less likely to be forthcoming due to the prior shabby behaviour. Shabby behaviour can add up like the straws on a camel’s back. The recipient might then say, “foxtrot this for a game of soldiers” and walk away off into the sunset never to be seen again.

I have heard the term microaggression. In this people bully others by what seems to be small unpleasant shabby acts, but the integral over all these can be very large indeed. People who are insecure, bad mouth others behind their backs.

Each utterance is irrevocable. If people understood this, they would be more care full in what they say.


Have you ever been shabby to someone only later to have cause to regret it?

Did you laugh and joke at the time you were being shabby?

Did the recipient think it as funny as you?


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