Water Shortage and Travelling with a Gamma Ray Emitter

It is strange. We watch UK news, France 24 and Al Jazeera. I read English and French Newspapers. I am quite a fan of Les Echos. It seems from here that the UK government has kind of lost the plot. Instead of getting down to business it spends its time firefighting about sex offenders, dreaming up catchy slogans, forbidden cheese and wine parties and now self-inflicted financial turmoil. It is not mentioning the taboo word Brexit because that is a lead balloon.

The French approach seems calmer and more measured. It is possible that EDF might be building some nuclear capability for UK. How will a weak pound help that? I am struggling to believe some of the things I have seen reported on UK news…really?

The local newspaper is suggesting that water levels are low and that there is about a month and a half of leeway. Using the let’s do this together approach the prefecture is asking people to reduce water consumption. During covid they used the first person plural US as well, not the nanny tells naughty boys and girls approach. Although we are not fully embedded into society one can see that collective action and collective responsibility are more instinctual here. It feels good and we are happy to join in. There is a joke about rain in Brittany, there is usually lots. The pond and Le Jaudy are up. Probably we shall be OK. The grass is back to green and mower frenzy approaches again.

Life in France has more rhythm, and they tend to think longer term. Motorway roadworks finish on time!!

Last night I drove the gamma ray emitter back from the hospital. The half life of F-18 is around 110 minutes. No doubt on the way home positrons were pinging about in her body and gamma rays issuing forth. She was slightly radioactive. By now her radioactivity will have dropped. The gamma rays, 511 keV photons, would have passed through me. I am wearing a t-shirt with a Λ particle decay and a peak at 1.12 GeV/c2. One of the guys at the hospital where she had the PET scan had a good long look at it yesterday but did not ask.

 And now we wait for the results…

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