Now Is the Winter of Our Discount Tents

I understand scorched earth thinking. When Hitler tried to invade Russia, they enacted a scorched earth policy at a terrible and brutal cost. A cost for Hitler and a cost for them. They, Russia, bore the cost; it is in the psyche. They remember.

The West may think it can negotiate gas supply. In the light of recent events, probably not. We can barter sanctions and gas price. Nah…

This “sabotage” if that is what it is, is “gloves off”. Irreversibility in September. Non-negotiable.

An irrevocable turn has perhaps happened.

Talk of stimulating growth in the UK economy by delusional economics is so far off the plot when compared to world events…

The storm is coming…

If you push someone into a corner, the results may well be unpredictable…

This does not bode well…

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