Happy Valley School Mount Isa Queensland

From their web site.

“Happy Valley State School is located in Mount Isa, which is one of North Queensland and Australia’s premier mining areas. Happy Valley State School, which was originally opened in 1932 as Isa Mine State School, officially became Happy Valley State School in 1971 when it was relocated to the current Happy Valley site. 

Happy Valley State School community reflects Mount Isa’s multicultural population and includes support programs to improve outcomes for all students.

At Happy Valley State School, we work together to ensure that every child individualised success in their academic and social-emotional learning, within an environment that is both supportive and challenging.”

My old school:

Happy Valley State School

Brilliant Street
Happy Valley QLD 4825

This is the logo, a mine head. I started in the Mt Isa Mine State School and was relocated to Happy Valley with the school. I remember getting the school milk from under the verandas. It was pretty darned hot. So we must have been there in 1970.

We left a few months after cyclone Tracy

Cyclone Tracy was a tropical cyclone that devastated the city of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, from 24 to 26 December 1974.”

I remember the rain bouncing feet off the lawn and the Leichhardt river flooding so badly that the two sides of town were cut off from each other.

The school won a state champions award for science. I wonder if they would like to hear from an alumni who was there at the beginning.

I seem to remember that the queen visted, I thought it was the senility. But no here is photographic evidence.

Queen and Prince Philip visit Mt Isa in 1970

It is possible that my dad is somewhere in this picture, possibly the shorter bloke with the white helmet in the background. My dad was superintendant of lead-zinc-silver I think. He was a moderate sized cheese.

I had a collection of some neat rocks, some like this one….not my picture

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