Science and Taboo

Port Blanc this afternoon.

There are some things, in certain circles, that are effectively taboo. If I said something like, “I remember catching and locking up wayward nagals on Atlantis” or “we came here from a planet in the Sirius system, which had two suns, 18 million years ago” there are those who might think me a nut job. There are others who might mock me behind my back. I will wager if I was still an academic and the science undergraduate students found out, there would be gossip.

If I were to criticise people in new age circles for misusing scientific nomenclature, I would be a mean nasty person, to some not all.

I can’t win, it seems.

Similarly, if I say I have seen dead people, ghosts if you like. People might soapbox that I am making stuff up. I’ll wager that they would however be unwilling to come with me at night into a “haunted” house. With my vajra in hand I would be game. I see dead people from time to time or rather what is left of their sheaths.

The same people would start to get very uncomfortable if I started to speak of exorcism, even more if I started a rite of exorcism.

Is it taboo for a trained scientist to be an exorcist or is it just a taboo subject for conversation?

People who believe in exorcism by priest or voodoo, are unlikely to accept a chemical physicist laser jock as qualified exorcist.

Is it taboo for an exorcist to be a laser jock?

There are millions of people who believe in chakras but if I was to talk about the anja centre in a high resolution molecular spectroscopy conference it would go down faster than a lead balloon on a planet the same size as ours but with ten times the mass.

Scientists often think that they have very open minds and no prejudices. This is not necessarily the case.

I often wonder if I am, as a being, taboo. Or is it just my leper’s bell which puts people off.

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