Quantum Means Confinement

Non-scientists can bandy the word quantum about and use it as a marketing tool. In the sense of electrons, atoms, molecules and nanoparticles many quantum phenomena arise out of tight spatial confinement and with an electromagnetic potential.

Transition between states requires a quantum of energy. That means a bit, an amount, of energy and the amount of energy is very precise. If it does not exactly match the gap in the energy “ladder” there is no transition. Try climbing a physical plane ladder without using the steps, it is tricky.

I think of some quantum phenomenon as a special case of very precise resonance.

People can get all excited by wave particle duality, man.

They can extrapolate beyond appropriateness. I have seen the phrase quantum allowing on a number of web sites. The weird thing is quantum mechanics forbids more than it allows.

It is strange people like groovy words…

Oh well…

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