A Few Days Off

There has been quite a bit of rain overnight. This weekend there are no intrusions, no nurses coming to dress the wife’s surgery wound. It is healing nicely, and she is now on her feet walking.

It is a bit strange to have her whizzing around the house when I have had the floor to myself for a couple of months. I have to be careful not to bang into her. Later we may go to a garden centre so that she can practice walking again, in the dry.

We have a strident new government in the UK who are not approaching the energy crisis with as much realism as they are here in France. In the UK people are proud of the NHS. But from here the much lauded NHS looks shabby, congested and not very good. Insular views are insular. A while back we were perhaps considering going back to blighty. Recent events have made this less likely.

Are people really that uncaring and blind?

Unfortunately, if the pound continues to tank against other currencies, there will be an added inflationary pressure on imports and parts. A weak pound might be good for exports but access to the erstwhile biggest trading partner has been stymied by Brexit and Biden does not like the Northern Ireland protocol bending legislation. Well done peeps. Nice job, you really thought that through, didn’t you?

It also means that we will have fewer euros to spend as our pensions are in sterling.

We had our first fire in the wood burner last night and had a big delivery of wood on Wednesday. We are now running the washing machine and dishwasher late at night. We are already 13kWh a month lower. Thanks perhaps to the induction hob.

It was nice to feel the heat and see the flickering flames.

Winter is coming. History shows that winter is Russia’s friend. As a child I read a lot of military history, things like the battle of Stalingrad. I could give you chapter and verse on panzer versus T32.

It was strange watching the funeral. This is horse guard’s parade.

My uncle Kenwyn worked here for a number of years and would have been involved in the organisation of previous royal events. Family history says he was head of signals London station. He would have met Elizabeth.

Now there is a bit of a lull, to see what King Charles does, to see how the markets react to the budget and to see what Russia and China do next. People in the west do not get the fact of long term strategy, of five year plans. They are short term and reactive. They may deem this agile. But when you get rid of your gas reserves and trust to the oscillating gas supply market you are pretty vulnerable.

The west is driven by bargain hunting…not everything that appears cheap is a good deal.

The coronavirus numbers here are mounting again, up 8% in a week. People are starting to put their masks back on. EDF has been re-nationalised.

The water restrictions remain in force, but thanks to the recent rain the garden is green again. The pond level is low. The heron is getting fat…Le Jaudy is up a bit this morning and we have seven days rain predicted.

This is going to be a different autumn and winter…hard to predict…

We shall see what the waves of life wash up…

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