Light Through Darkness

It is possible that parts of the world will be plunged into darkness this winter, both literally and metaphorically. Whilst the West ramps up its anti-Putin rhetoric Lavrov only pays lip service to the UN Security council. There is a mobilisation in Russia and the western newspapers comment on Russians fleeing. I think there may be an unwillingness to acknowledge that this conflict is going to be longer and much wider spread. Hitler mobilised. People did not take it seriously.

I have said before that a nuclear winter is one way to slow global warming. It is a stark statement.

The darkest hour is just before dawn.

I personally am concerned for the UK economy with the ideological steps being touted for today. It is not conservative to put everything on tick, on the credit card. There is a choice to put a sticking plaster on and cross your fingers or to actually try something meaningful. The short term thinking of the West is in contrast to the longer term strategy in the East. Trying to please people to stay in power is not necessarily a good idea.

This morning I am thinking about water butts, purifying tablets, Geiger counter and Iodine. My pals at Agroconomy have been in touch. I have bought various things from them before. Is it time to think about a generator? Perhaps not yet.

Darkness precedes light.

Are we going that way?  

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