Fanatically Devoted to the Archaic Economics

Fact: It is impossible to sustain continuous economic growth on a planet of finite resources. The resources will run out.

Fact: The Obsession with continuous economic growth has caused and is causing the global climate crisis.

Opinion: The so called financial trickle-down effect is a lie by the rich to appease the poor via a not so subtle manipulation.

Opinion: Chanting the mantra “economic growth, economic growth” will not stop global warming, nor will it stop the return of coronavirus.

It is impossible to have a cake and eat it. If you eat the cake, it is gone.

We have just seen a sixth ray budget {UK} based on archaic notions of economy. The growth during the Industrial Revolution put shed loads of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Doh…

People are fanatical about their cunning plans. They are unwilling to think of new ways. There is historical precedent of budgets like this causing boom-bust cycles. Do people not learn?

Opinion: Unless the world adopts a radically different economic paradigm, we are up shit creek in a barbed wire canoe without a paddle.

I found it hard to believe Russia would invade, it did. I found it hard that in times of economic difficulty anyone would give rich people a bung while others starve, crossing their fingers that the trickle down effect would supercharge the economy. It is the Agincourt salute methinks…

Go forth and multiply, plebs….

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