Weird Sierra Happens – Phenomena

Was that an omen?

Just as I was typing that Word decided unilaterally to set the proofing language to German!!

This from Wikipedia.

The Eyes of Buddha (also called Buddha eyes or Wisdom eyes) is a symbol used in Buddhist art. The symbol depicts two half-closed eyes, a style sometimes referred to as the Adamantine View (Sanskrit: Vajradrsti). In between and slightly above the eyes is a circle or spiral which represents the urna, one of the thirty-two characteristics of a great man (Sanskrit: Mahāpuruṣalakṣaṇa) in Buddhism. Directly below the urna is a curly symbol stylized as १, which represents the number one in Devanagari numerals. The curly symbol, which represents either a nose or a divine fire emanating from the urna above, symbolizes unity.

The Eyes of Buddha symbol represents the all-seeing eyes of the Buddha, or sometimes more specifically represents the eyes of the Ādibuddha. {primordial}


Last night Felix the stray cat freaked out. It started running round in circles and attacking Maple leaves on the freshly mowed lawn. I went outside and it appeared to calm down.

So, if the all-seeing eyes of Buddha have temporarily appeared in our yew hedge, that is some freaky stuff.

In Buckland two crows, Russel and Sheryl, nested literally a couple of metres from our back door in the old school building. Not usual crow like behaviour. We also had a peacock on the house roof there. I smelled incense in the building which was different to mine. Two cats appeared out of nowhere and took to sitting on our garden wall. We had listed yew trees at the bottom of the garden.

Once in Scotland in the dark driving along a road there was a horse running ahead of us.

Here we had an owl fly straight into one of our windows leaving an imprint.

In the vide sanitaire {a kind of basement} here I had a smouldering smudge stick burst into flames, during a house cleansing ritual.

The previous occupant had put springs of lavender at various “entry” points around the house.

The wife in her dream predicted a medical condition in one of the nurses.

Brittany is a land of myth and magic. When we were viewing houses, some had witch marks on the chimneys to keep the witches out.

A while back somebody or something left us the dead rat and the dead frog…

Something weird is going on…it started yesterday lunchtime. The birdsong is back. The heron is hanging out increasingly in the oaks by Le Jaudy. He was there again just now.

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