In the Penny Obeys Gravity

For whatever reason I have over the last few days been having visual images of various people from my past resident at the edge of my consciousness. There is a notion that some hullabaloo is unfolding and a sense of oscar mike golf and whiskey tango foxtrot. This notion of hullabaloo is particularly strong this afternoon, whatever is afoot?

There is one version of reality which may or may not apply. In that version quite a few people have made quite a large boo boo which has far reaching karmic implications for them. If that penny obeys gravity the implications are vast. Some people have been trying very hard with telekinesis to keep that penny up in the air.

There is another version of reality which has far fewer implications. I am guessing that version of reality is the preferred one.

This notion of some big to-do is growing, and I am seeing more faces, including ex-colleagues now.

There is some big disturbance going down…

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