Have You Succumbed to Evil?

As I alluded to previously people may be unaware that they have succumbed to evil. They may be practising forceful manipulation and imagine that this is good business practice. For example, the phrase leverage has the application of force implicit, and many use this phrase. Others succumb to their greed and feel justified in exercising and attempting to satiate that greed. People can imagine ambition to be noble and good. Greed is good, is a mantra to which some subscribe without even thinking.

In effect many have succumbed to the temptation of mundane power and feel justified in exercising this over their fellow humans. It does not for one second pass through their mind that they are evil. They imagine themselves just. Slaveowners thought themselves just too. Mundane power can twist perception markedly and those in / with power can exhibit a deep and combative paranoia so as to sustain that power. They can cling to power long after it is seemly. Power can make people nasty, punitive and bitter, if people are unable to handle it.

Evil people may not see themselves as evil. They might imagine themselves knights in shining armour and be certain that butter does not melt in their mouth. They will prop up this illusion with reason and shed loads of justifications. They may even convince themselves and others that they are heroic and worthy. They will be unaware that evil has taken them over.

Have you ever succumbed to evil?

How can you be certain that you have not?

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