A Large Nocturnal Visitor and Mole Sign

Since we had some rain the grass has grown a lot and I have started mowing. Each morning as I walk around the pond I see that the wet grass has been flatened. The animal(s) follows roughly the same track. Today I found this footprint in the mud by the pond.

The size of the print is similar to my hand. So it isn’t likely to be the coypu.

Someone else’s picture of a coypu print, much smaller.

Two years ago we had otters.

I’ll keep an eye on the mud because it definitely drinks from our pond.

After a few months mole free, there is mole sign again, down by the pampas and near the footprint. I’ll wait for a couple more mountains, sorry molehills, and I’ll be better able to figure out where the blighter is tunneling.

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