Some Comments on Initiation(s)

I will preface this with a caveat, and it is that there is no way that you can tell if what I am writing below is speculative or not, for sure. So, I suggest that you take what I am about to write with at least a pinch of salt.

In the extensive “blue book” opus the Tibetan mentions that the third initiation is considered to be the first major initiation. Prior to that humans are more than a little attached to the lower three worlds and immersed in the socio-political day to day with all its pettiness. He hints that the consciousness or awareness of the initiate diverges significantly from that of average man and that average man is unable to grasp that a) there is a difference and b) the scope of that difference.

I have met some pretty clever and intelligent people in my time. Yet these are normal human beings and not initiates of high degree. Their awareness is not yet fully Soular {3rd according to blue books}. I know because I have heard him speak, that Roger Penrose for example, has an intelligence which is very high and way beyond that of your average man in the street. As a teenager I worked cutting car batteries up with an axe. The guy who ran that business was a low grade gangster and many of my colleagues were people straight out of prison. It was there that someone said if you ever need anyone done, we’ll do it for a couple of hundred. These guys were rough, GBH and ABH etc. I have smoked weed with drug dealers on a beach in Jamaica. I am aware of the scale of difference in the human family.

If I have understood it correctly when some being takes the fourth initiation, they are no longer technically speaking human because they no longer have a causal vehicle. The awareness of such a being will be radically different in a way inconceivable to your common or garden human being.

The Tibetan suggests that the awareness of the initiation ceremony becomes increasingly registered in the brain as one climbs the “ladder”. People may have had the first or the second initiation and be unaware but at the third they register something significant here in their brain on Earth. Subsequent ones are fully conscious. One might be attending a wedding celebration on Earth whilst experiencing a full subjective initiation.

It is my speculation that if you incarnate as having had a second initiation. You need to have in your fresh new physical body, both the first and the second initiation energetics again, before the vehicle can withstand the third initiation. You will have chosen a better more capable physical vehicle, but it needs whipped into shape.

I’ll speculate that the fifth ray concrete mind will find the “blue book” opus difficult to accept or swallow and it will insist that it is intelligent, scientific and knows best. Those whose mental apparatus is fifth ray, will struggle with the notions of Atlantis, ascended Masters, and even chakras. The trained scientist is likely to think poppycock, that is some made up shit. The notion that anyone in a human-like body can have an awareness beyond human would be very unacceptable. Yet people watch Star Wars and Star Trek. It is OK for Aliens to be extra smart but not earth born human looking people. The notion of extra-corporeal awareness is not readily acceptable for many, but people still talk of Heaven and Hell and never having broken any Covid party rules.

The warrior’s path is said to be a path of transmutation, transformation and transfiguration. By reference to the “blue book” opus this is the path to the third initiation and NOT beyond. I’ll speculate that at the epoch when these teachings were developed initiation beyond three did not occur. It is my opinion nevertheless the so called Toltec teachings have a modern day applicability.

I’ll speculate that should you meet some being like Saint Germain {a Master} you might try to interpret his behaviour in the context of a normal human being and in so doing fail. As a result, a jumble of different stories would evolve and disperse. He might have been a massive piss taker and filled his books with arcane symbols to test the intellect or just take the piss. There is no reliable way of knowing.

My personal memory from my previous lifetime is that he was a right piss-taker forever extracting the Michael.

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