Dark Pretending to be Light?

There are many who imagine themselves perhaps to be the great and the good, who are in fact not.

Perhaps the most obvious example was/is the former president of the Untied States. Make America Great Again? How? By sowing seeds of hate and division and casting doubt and aspersion on the electoral system. A nasty piece of work, methinks.

Good or evil, what do you think?

There are examples of leaders who might think that they are helping, or who at least pretend that. What they really want is power. They put their own positional and pecuniary gain first. Charity begins at home old boy…don’t you know…

Evil has by legerdemain even made discussion of evil taboo.

We can see darkness in action in Eastern Europe and it seems to be spreading to other former soviet states. Israel bombed Damascus airport “because” Iran was sending arms to Syria…There always has to be a “reason” for evil or so it seems. There must be a quasi-plausible reason for murder by high technology munitions.

Darkness uses the masks of reason and justification to politically “legitimize”. These two are amongst the primary tools of the Dark Adepts. Humans have been trained in a Pavlovian way, when in school, to worship this often unholy dual “deity”. There is always a “reason” for evil. Imaginary weapons of mass destruction were used to justify the slaughter in Iraq. Nazis in Ukraine, to excuse invasion. Nasty people want to do bad shit to others, and they use reason and justification to coerce the minds of others into partially acquiescing. It is all so reasonable old chap. Let us spin it so it does not look quite so heinous. Now bomb the Sierra out of them

In the past the English were adept at the application of evil, divide and conquer {rule}. It sounds quasi-reasonable, but it is in fact black magic.


Do you think you are a “goodie”, one of the good guys?

Are you in fact a “baddie”?

Are you dark pretending to be light?

Please justify you answers with well argued reasoning…marks will be awarded on this basis.


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