Blaming Alan

Several times in this lifetime I have had groups of people turn on me and on occasion nastily so. I am not imagining it nor am I playing the victim card. When someone is not around the pointing fingers are magnetically drawn to the missing person and their vacuum. I have been bullied and gossiped about. People have treated me in a very shabby way.

Way back when a student in my care committed suicide, I was contacted by a journalist trying to press me for information. I politely refused citing confidentiality. He was livid. Then in an article in the Evening Standard newspaper he mentioned me by name in excess of twenty times. He was very unpleasant towards me. It was bilious.

The spin he put on the story differed significantly from my knowledge on the situation. I paid for my own therapy which these events made me need. Nobody knows what the young man told me, it differed significantly from his parent’s version.

As a consequence, I met a seventy year old american female therapist with an ace sense of humour, who made me laugh and cry.

People who do not get their own way can lash out in bilious anger and with venom at others, imagining that they are fully justified. As a group they can turn on an individual. Group mind can be very nasty and punitive.

After all it is always Alan’s fault, isn’t it?

He is a bastard, just like his father that bastard Taylor…

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