What History Tells Us

History tells us that creation myths evolve and change. It also says that people can believe enough in their version of creation myth to kill people for that myth or because their version of myth differs just a little. If I say that quantum fluctuations in the void and the big bang is a creation myth some people might get offended. In two thousand years’ time the story of cosmogenesis might differ significantly, and the archaeologists of the future might marvel at the underground temple at CERN. Nobody two thousand years ago could imagine anything like the Large Hadron Collider.

What will humanity, if still existing, be like in 4022? I’ll wager it will be very different from what it is like now.

History also shows us that the adamant and the insistent can be proven wrong in the course of time, yet people don’t stop being adamant and insistent. The desire to soap box is strong in some and they profess their opinions to all and sundry. People can do this about subjects they have no personal experience in. There are know-it-alls who know far less than they imagine and who are largely unaware about the depth of their profound ignorance.

There is a trend in new age circles to seek some kind of scientific legitimacy. Some therein borrow scientific terms and use them incorrectly. Rather than adding legitimacy it makes things smack of quackery. I can use my username because I am something of a geek / yogi superposition. I am not a quantum sized object. I know enough about quantum mechanics to understand what I am doing; it is my little joke. I am not a “quantum” dishwasher tablet, nor do I have laser focus. In general lasers are collimated and not focused. A laser beam can be focussed by a lens or mirror. A dishwasher tablet is a macroscopic non quantum object. History tells us that certain words are fashionable for a while, they then pass from usage or become mundane. Quite why a ~100 year old concept, quantum, is still groovy, eludes me.  

What does history tell us? Many of the things we are dead certain of and convinced about are on many levels wrong and misinterpretations. There is fashion and the herd sets the “allowable” current temporary version / interpretation of reality.

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