Differing World Models

The other day someone asked me if I was sad that Elizabeth had died. Rather than replying that I think death is a natural process and when someone goes there is no reason to be sad. I said that in my opinion, she was ready to go after Phillip died. They replied that she is up there with him now.

Many people say things like that, suggesting that people are together again after death. Very large numbers of people believe {apparently} in heaven and hell. They crop up in many figures of speech. The extent and depth of belief may vary. There is precedent of English royalty paying the church for shorter time in purgatory etc. by purchase of indulgences. If you are scared of punishment for sin trying to bribe your way out of it isn’t entirely rational.

This is it, there are many different world models. Some / most have an after death place to go to and that place is not the crematorium. I have met Christian, Jewish and Muslim scientists. I have had some interesting chats with the latter about the meaning of God’s name in Arabic, inter alia.

I guess many people are largely agnostic yet they like Easter and Christmas or whatever the appropriate festivals are. Islam is more demanding of its adherents than many faiths. People in general give a nod to divinity but are a tad lax with the rules, so to speak. Many people have died in the name of God, and by clash of creed. It goes on now. People insist their version of reality is real and they kill others who disagree. Most of these wars were really about power and not about following the teachings of religion. People can twist stuff to justify in their minds what they are doing.

What I wrote in the last post about ritual is unverifiable. For all you know I could be making stuff up.

I kept a lab book…

Billions of people believe in things which cannot be verified by modern scientific methods.

People believe that economic growth driven by materialistic consumerism is the answer to the threat of recession. The reality that the climate change targets are slipping and will not be met is something that people do not get or want to get. I saw the Prime Minister of Barbados speaking on French TV. The promises made for assistance have not been met. The little countries don’t matter, she said they were having problems even sourcing solar panels…She was very eloquent. She spoke of the disasters in Europe and Pakistan. The floods in Pakistan are biblical in proportion.

We cannot consume our way out of climate change. But people want to have their cake and eat it. Like a plague of locusts on the planet, we destroy.  We must it seems continue to consume and cross our fingers that it will all be OK in the end.

The problem is that the behaviours and way of thinking are so habituated.

People are so convinced that they and only they are right.

They will kill each other to prove this…how silly…

Wanting to be exclusively right and justifying actions by twisting stuff is at the root of world problems. It is another way of saying that egotism is causal of planetary disaster. But nobody will admit this, they would rather deflect and argue the toss…pointing the finger at someone else is easier, in the short term, than taking responsibility…

There is light at the end of the tunnel, but it is a big massive TGV heading our way…

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