The Heron, The Moorhen and The Kingfisher

After the rain, grass grows.

This is not a Zen kōan but a fact of life. As a consequence, I am officially knackered. I have been out doing strimmer frenzy in preparation for mowing. I haven’t done this since before the wife’s accident, the drought has meant no need, I am not strimmer fit.

If you have a UK garden, you might think what a wuss…

But I strimmed for over an hour with a 15kg quasi-industrial petrol strimmer walking well over half a kilometre up and down. The pinecones, fallen because of the drought are a tad lethal underfoot.

I have been trying to stalk the heron in order to get a good photo. This means that I creep up on the pond all ninja like. This morning I got to within a few meters of the moorhen. She took off in haste. It looks as though she is back for autumn. There were eggs last year. No heron.

Next time out Mr electric blue the kingfisher flew from plughole corner to his hunting tree. He seems to have recovered from the bang on his head.

Here he is off his face with concussion.

The heron normally hides in reeds by the greenhouse. This afternoon he was on the bank by Le Jaudy so I was, although silent, in plain sight. He took off before I saw him…

Here he is…flying by the soldiers, les soldats, who guard the northern perimeter…

Eventually I will get a photo of him in the water!!

In the fridge there is a bottle of San Pellegrino and some flat water. There is some plain cake flour and corn-starch chilling. There are ice cubes. The veggies have all been prepped. This means tempura.

In the previous century I was taken by a friend / colleague Mieko to a famous Tempura restaurant in Tokyo. She explained to the chef that I was vegan {at the time and before it was trendy} and he knocked up an eggless batter to pander to my needs. He presented me with a symphony of crispy yumminess.

I have been a fan ever since.

My home made teriyaki sauce is waiting…

Soon it will be Tempura time…

Oh, I nearly forgot. Over the past few days I have seen two new species of butterflies…

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