Superheroes and Delusions

We have been watching Ragnarök {Ragnarøkkr} and The Matrix Resurrections. In each of these the “baddies” try to convince the “goodies” by means of psychiatry and/or medication that they are off their rocker. The major protagonists Thor and Neo are delusional, obvs. Views of reality inconsistent with those held by the powerful “baddies” are deemed sufficiently divergent to warrant psychochemical intervention and control.  

Neither of these gentlemen is a particularly willing superhero and it seems in terms of plot development that doubt in self and ability is a necessary trait / process to be a superhero.

When I was having my adult Asperger’s assessment the psychologist thought that I may have the “unrelenting standards” life-trap, partially because I was using the word impeccable a lot. People who are high functioning can have this trap or schema, but it usually is around self-criticism and striving. I have looked into it, and I do not have this trap, I do try to be impeccable, though. Impeccability does not require any striving or excelling. I saw her only a few days after my colon cancer operation, which she also thought odd. I was “supposed” to be fearful and concerned about my cancer.  She did not think I had Asperger’s but would need to talk to relatives to confirm according to the rulebook. This was not possible due to death of relatives and so we left it there.

There is a strange situation, most psychologists / psychiatrists will not have meditated as extensively as me. Nor will they have worked hard at losing attachment. Their whole interpretive basis would not fit very well. Being detached might be diagnosed as some social and developmental problem. It would be handy to do many of the whole host of agreed and standardised tests to see what kind of label(s) might apply.

It might be interesting to see which pigeonhole(s), if any, I would be shoehorned into. It is probably not a good idea to open this Pandora’s box. I am sure that some people would struggle to get their head around the entirety of my world view.

Viewed from the angle of a Buddhist practitioner it is a moot point as to who is living in illusion/delusion.

Are you caught and held by/in the Matrix in reality or metaphorically speaking?

Who is delusional, the goodies or the baddies?

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