An INFJ King?

There is wall to wall coverage of the death of the Queen and the proclamation of a new King.

The world is temporarily distracted from crisis and all eyes are on the UK. The one thing that the Brits sure can do, is throw a party, a celebration, an Olympics. Pomp and circumstance are a forte.

I might do a numerology work up…

There is a lot of questionable material concerning Myers Briggs Type Indicator {MBTI} on the internet and people have typed celebs by guesswork as clickbait. When I heard that Charles liked Laurens van der Post, it made me suspect more strongly that he has the same MBTI type as me. This means that he has little problem being different. Only around 1.5% of the population has this type.

“Monstrous carbuncle on the face of a much loved and elegant friend” is just the kind of thing an INFJ would say…a tad poetic and straight to the point. The kind of thing that can piss off the woke and the hypersensitive. Some people do not like too much truth and couch their opinions, not INFJs.

I have made enemies, some lasting, through saying my home truths.

INFJs when they have decided are very difficult to sway.

I’ll make a prediction, and this is it. Charles is going to be a very different monarch. It is possible that the relationship between prime ministers who like fracking, and a green environmentalist will become strained. If Liz Truss can piss off Lavrov, a politician, what else might happen?  She already has made “friends” with Macron and Sturgeon.

What King Charles may mean by service will differ from his mother in scope, in scale and in practice.

It is early days, but my INFJ radar is saying, different, different, different…

We shall see…

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