All Peopled Out

In and around now the wife is at hospital having surgery to remove a lipoma.

In a while I am due to go back there to pick her up.

The car knows the way to the hospital. I have probably driven that route ~seventy times in the last year. Since the wife broke her foot, the nurses have come here every evening to administer anti-coagulant. They have been coming weekly early in the morning to do blood tests. There are plenty of other hospital appointments which involve waiting rooms and people.

I have been on “duty” for the last seven weeks, doing all the things someone on crutches cannot.

All those people!

If, I don’t get some silence, some emotional silence, it can make me a tad tetchy. People do not know how much astral / emotional stuff they emit {all the time} and because of my second ray nature, I attract it. It builds up. It is not my stuff, and I don’t like it.

In the past I would go up to the mountains and hike on my own. I can’t do that with osteo-arthritis.

When I have been overexposed to people, I find it difficult to tolerate some things which are usually OK. Now in a silent house I can hear the very quiet cooling fan on this computer.

Soon the need for anticoagulant will pass but in house physiotherapy for the ankle will begin.

Although all the practitioners are all very nice people, there is a sense of intrusion and an intrusion in another language.

It is difficult to dissolve all that emotional detritus when it keeps getting topped up.

My mother used to say that I needed my Marlene Dietrich moments. If I stayed there with the constant loud television, endless talking over the television and emotional detritus, I would end up sighing for a least an hour in the car on the way home and take several days to dissolve all that astral stuff.

It is difficult for me to be around people for any length of time…

Since last summer it has been nonstop..

And I am all peopled out…

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