Teeth and Hornets

We have reported the suspected Asiatic hornet nest to the Mairie and a gentleman has called round this afternoon. He confirmed our diagnosis and rang the wasp man. He apparently is very busy but will arrange to remove the nest free of charge. This means that I can get cracking stocking the shed with wood to dry once it has gone.

I have reported the nest to an on-line Asiatic hornet monitoring survey.

The quotation for two implant replacement teeth has come to €3700. Given the current financial crisis this looks to be a lot of money and could go some way towards a second hand car in the future. So, we have cancelled the October appointment to fit the titanium sockets into my jaws.  I will have a gap in my top teeth on each side the same size as a dry roasted peanut. This means that you have to concentrate when eating them, peas can be tricky too. I have gotten by like this for several months, I can go longer.

There may be a few butterfly photos later today. We have over ten different species in the garden…

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