Status and Kudos in the New Age

Can you measure kudos and status with an electromagnetic device?


They are socio-political constructs of human inter-personal power dynamics and negotiation. They are technically made up and imagined things. Nevertheless, they do enable certain actions. Some status and kudos are un-earned, they come along by nature of birth. Famous parents by association confer fame on their offspring. There are Nepo kids.

As things currently are materialistic wealth confers status and kudos. We have all heard of Gates, Bezos and Musk. They are famous geezers.

Different groupings have different kudos metrics. In science a Nobel Prize confers a lot of “brownie” points. Depending on who you are Lionel Messi has way more brownie points than Roger Penrose. More people will read about Messi than Penrose. I have read some Penrose and the dude is smart. I have never read anything by Messi and don’t read much about him, but you cannot open a newspaper or watch the news without coming across that name.

The New Age when it manifests fully will bear little resemblance to our current one. If humanity is heading towards buddhic “polarisation”, the genuine intuitional, many of our current socio-political “artefacts” must fade, wither and die. If consciousness is elevated away from the gonadic, a tiny bikini or a pair of budgie smugglers won’t buy you fame, kudos and power.

The notion of rank on the physical plane will cease to have such vested and apparent importance. You may be a dame or a laird but does a leopard give a toss? If it met you in a jungle on a dark night, you would be supper. If one looks the relevance of monarchy is on the wane despite endless twaddle about Diana. Being a lord is pretty common these days, a bit of arse kissing, and a few donations and you are off.

How humanity transitions from where we are now to the full manifestation of the New Age is unknown. It will not be quick and there may need to be wholesale devastation so that the clinging old forms fail and need replacement.

I’ll speculate that when people become more Soul infused the notion of power over another being will lose its temptation and thus the need to invent things through which power over is asserted and inflicted will ease. The popularity of slavery and serfdom has already gone. People have tried to redact history.

Society has changed and in the last few hundred years manacling and whipping others for labour has become unfashionable. There are karmic legacies in the leisure sector. Things have changed radically which suggests that even more radical change is not only possible but likely.

Elsewhere in this blog I have suggested that the mantra of economic growth is unsustainable on a planet of finite resource. But today Prime Minister Mary O’Leary sees growth as the way out of an economic black hole. Nobody it seems is willing to acknowledge yet that a complete change of economic paradigm, must in due course, occur.

Continuous attempts at economic growth are the direct cause of climate change. It is so obvious!!

If genuine and intuitional intelligence finds purchase in the hearts of humanity, there will be no need for enforced and inflicted human power structures. People will not feel the urge to be “better than” to have more kudos and status than their brothers and sisters.

The notion of winning will not be about beating other beings, but winning liberation from the three lower worlds. Petty interpersonal point scoring will be seen as primitive as cannibalism. One upmanship will die out. Snobbery will have its death throes.

There will be no place for kudos and status as we imagine them now, in the fully dawned New Age.

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