Improper Disposal of an Animal

I have done a thorough check of the property and there are no more dead rats, offal, or blood smears this morning. It looks like the heart was removed neatly and with some skill. Quite why anyone would be loony enough to do this remains a mystery.

Apparently in some places attempts at corpse related intimidation are illegal, as is the improper disposal of an animal. I guess if it happens again, we will call the gendarmes and a massive shenanigan will kick off. This song has been doing the rounds in my head this morning.

I put horses’ heads in people’s beds
‘Cos I am the mob
When duty calls, gonna bust some balls
‘Cos I am the mob


Things concerning trespass here are probably loose.

If I had not have been here and the wife had discovered the “crime” scene, she would have no doubt been very upset. What with everything else going on we do not need this.

You can’t make this shit up…there is even photographic evidence so I am not having some delusion…

Maybe the local newspaper would be interested?

“Retired academic and his wife with terminal blood cancer intimated in rural Brittany…”

When we first came hear I met some local bigwigs…

The more I think about it the more unpleasant and heinous it actually seems…

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