Some Sick Behaviour

What a way to start the day!!

Some people {probably and not the korrigans} have done something pretty darned sick. They have taken a rat out of a trap, cut out its heart and smeared the blood over our garden house. This is some sick shit. They have also placed a dead frog nearby.

I was careful not to touch the blood both for health and magical reasons.

There have been some teenagers playing in the river, it is probably not them.

It could be a “joke” on the anglais…

It could be someone here who holds a grudge. I can only think of a few people we might have offended.

It could be an attempt at shock, or it could be ritual magic. I am treating it as a malevolent act of dark magic.

Chances are whoever did this has seen me pushing the near chemo-bald wife around on a wheelchair.

“I know let’s put a dead rat in the garden of a handicapped chemotherapy patient with a terminal disease. What a hoot!! What a jolly foxtrotting jape.”

We had some strange occurrences back in blighty until I pointed out on a blog that our neighbour the farmer, shot some badgers out of his bedroom window when they were near the hen house. The strange behaviours stopped then.

I have been meaning to buy an archery bow or a crossbow of late, what with the way the world is going.

I will go and get my nunchaku out of the cupboard.


Anyway, on the upside a new blue butterfly has appeared…it flew around me when I was holding my vajra.

If there is more light tomorrow I’ll go out with the macro..

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