Meant to Intimidate?

Looking around the crime scene a little more, I encountered this which looks perhaps to be the eviscerated rat’s heart. I noticed it because of the flies and the fact that I was far into left side awareness.

I was burning some incense in the centre of the hose and scanning things with the help of my vajra or dorje.

The perps, a male and a female, have left etheric threads which I was able to pick up. I have sight of them now.

Sometimes people, trying to be clever, bite off more than they can chew. To walk into a nagual’s world univited and do some heinous skullduggery is an example in case.

I am mightily unimpressed and now hyper alert, not in the slightest bit intimidated.

A warrior is always prepared to make his last stand, right here and right now.

I will summon a “vajrapani” forthwith…

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