In the Shadow of Dinas Emrys

Part of my bloodline lived and worked for several generations in the “shadow” of Dinas Emrys. Some worked deep in the bowels of the earth at Sygun copper mine.

The ancient magic lived there and on Ynys Mon before the arrival of the Romans. I can remember translating from the Latin written by Caesar about the men painted blue, on Ynys Mon {Anglesey}.

Brittany has legends of the founding saints the majority of whom were Welsh. It is likely that they brought some of the ancient magic too and it got convolved into Breton folklore. There are claims for Arthur and Merlin here.

The Welsh Myddrin is often switched with Taliesin.

And yet the English think Arthur was connected to Glastonbury and not Dinas Emrys…

Today I am wearing my Y Ddraig Aur T-shirt, the battle standard of Owain ap Gruffydd commonly known as Owain Glyndŵr.

My “granny” was a gwrach!!

It is a shame but if someone is wanting to play silly buggers; I am good to go.

Escalation is possible, my wife said to me, “what if next time it is a dog or a cat?”

The I Ching said to me, “carte blanche” …

Microsoft Word says that my language selection might be offensive to my readers. Bloody hell, software has gone woke too!!

Foxtrot Foxtrot Sierra

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