What Do You Owe – Karma

Many people have karmic debt. In the sense that they have taken way more than they have given or are ever likely to give in this lifetime. This means that they will carry over karma into their next incarnation. It never occurs to people that karma accrues interest just like physical plane borrowing.

Below is the debt as a percentage of GDP map.

As you can see the civilised “western” countries tend to borrow more money relative to production than many others. This is partially due to their credit rating, one suspects. There is a precarious nature to this practise.

I bought a house in 1990 when the interest rates were high and just like many, I maxed out on the size of loan, and lived very close to the wire on my credit cards for a number of years. Luckily, I got a well paid job in Switzerland and was able to ease my situation, without losing the house.

If you look at the graphs in the previous post the UK interest rates and inflation have a roughly parallel track. 1.75% interest rate would have been my wildest dream back in the nineties, bliss, nirvana.

The tory leadership race is concluding, and someone will take the poisoned chalice from party-boi Uncle Brexit Boris. Maybe he will finish his violin solo with another PR stunt to Ukraine.

We have seen what happens in Sri Lanka when there is not enough cash to service debt. Credit rating drops, debt gets more expensive and harder to pay. This can precipitate turmoil and civil unrest.

I personally do not like the look of the gradients in those graphs…

People are mooting tax cuts, which mean less revenue, which either says austerity or more borrowing, more debt. You can’t have your cake and eat it, though it is the desire of many so to do.

Everything has consequences, leaving your biggest market always was a tad unwise.

What do you owe, in terms of money and in terms of karma?

Do you have a large unpaid karmic debt?

If so, are you going to do something about it?

Or are you going to put your head in the sand, cross your fingers, and pretend?

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