Spooky Action at a Distance – Telepathy or Quantum Teleportation?

In the last century Einstein wrote to Born that he did not like the notion of “spooky” action at a distance and now there is a European Quantum Flagship, shed loads of cash is being invested.

I think it fair to guess that the kind of people I used to work with many moons ago would not believe in telepathy or mind reading at a distance. They might imagine that their thoughts and conversations were confidential. And in no way would I be able to eavesdrop over the ethers on whatever it is they may or may not be saying, thinking or doing.

Even should some circumstantial “evidence” emerge that I knew some things. They would prefer to put this down to an informer(s) or lucky guess work. Where is the six sigma proof?

In the previous post the Tibetan suggests that just this kind of thought form, strongly held, would block the possibility of any telepathic (receptive) interplay. It would not stop people however from transmitting and a suitable antenna-being might still get a signal.

The entire notion of telepathy would be difficult to believe in. Not so Alans?

People holding ideas and going over and over them, provide them with what I term telepathic gain. Obsession and being all dog with a bone amplifies the generated thought form.

Knowledge evolves, things once deemed fanciful, manifest. History shows us, again and again. Yet many cannot resist the soapbox.

How could you know what a truly silent mind might be capable of?

If your mind is like a crossroads, during rush hour at Shinjuku, there is no way that you could even begin to grasp what you might be capable of.

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