Aucune Idée

On and off since we have been here, I have had the notion that the people with whom we interact really have little or no idea about our history and what we are like. Nobody has asked. They don’t seem interested. I have caused a few raised eyebrows with my grasp of what is going on medically. I have explained to various people that way back I used to teach chemistry. This suffices. Only one person has asked where and at what level.

The only geezer who really got it was the anaesthetist whose friend had done a doctorate at Imperial.

It is kind of strange…people have no idea about what I might be capable of.

Back when I used to tutor in the UK all the clients had sight of a tutor profile and some, because of my background, were keen to pay a little bit more.

I do not know what the common or garden British person here is like. We have heard of people who have been here decades and made no attempt to learn French. Are we all collected together in one group, “les anglais”? Maybe.

It is kind of like, I am a resource which is untapped and unused. And now we might be leaving…


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