Some New Muscles and a Call from South Africa

Yesterday I took the wife out for a spin in the wheelchair along the river in Pontrieux and a short one in the garden. We probably did over a kilometre by the river. Today I am feeling some muscles in my lower abdomen that I did not know I had!! There are also a few aches in my shoulders, but nothing too heavy.

This morning an estate agent from South Africa called me back and we have started to fact find a little more. We have already determined that an affordable supply of lenalidomide is available. Next, we need to understand what the medical examination associated with the residency permit looks like. Given the crime rate there, we will need local first-hand knowledge. She warned us not to expect administrative alacrity. I have had some prior experience.

Here is a picture of me aged 9 taken at the British High Commission in Lusaka, Zambia. I even had no neck way back then.

In a short while the peloton for the elite women’s cycling should pass here…Some photos might subsequently appear.

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